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Leader Development


… Paths to Leadership© for emerging front-line leaders.

Leaders grow from the inside out.
They get results with and through others.

Leaders prefer a path to a plan, have followers rather than subordinates, and understand that delivering results is more critical than doing things. True leaders are not appointed. They choose to lead, and are chosen by followers.

Paths to Leadership is more than a workshop. We help aspiring leaders choose their own path to leading, then follow it consistently. Engaging activities, careful assessment, personal coaching, and ongoing support help grow the leaders your organization needs, and your people deserve.

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Follower Development


Pivot Point© for engaged followers.

We are not working in the factory anymore.PP-all
Lead. Follow. Or get out of the way.

Organizations can’t be siloed and driven from the top as they were in the past. Power is shifting to the front-lines, to those who do the real work of any business. The last thing you need is front-line staff who are disengaged and deferential.

Pivot Point workshops and coaching develop front-line performers who are engaged in their work, and willing to challenge their leaders. Great leaders need great followers. Leverage an investment in leader development by investing in follower development. Prepare individual contributors to step up.

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360 Assessment & Stakeholder Surveys

Corporate Compass© for custom, web-based solutions.

What others “see” matters.CC-Title-360
Use feedback to drive improvement.

You need to understand the expectations and perceptions of your stakeholders. 360 assessment helps leaders see themselves as followers see them. Surveys help leaders see their business as employees, customers, investors and key communities see it.

Corporate Compass specializes in custom, on-line solutions. We make assessments and surveys convenient, confidential and cost effective. Your staff stay focused on what they do best, while we care for the technical and administrative tasks to get your project done on time and within budget.

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Strategy & Culture Building


Sustainable Enterprise® consulting and facilitation.

People are key to performance.SusEnt2014
Align, engage and empower them.

“Flavour of the month” interventions don’t sustain business success. They attack symptoms while doing little to address cause, like hacking at the leaves of a problem weed you want to remove, rather than striking at the roots.

Sustainable Enterprise® offers a coherent approach to organization development. Clear vision and strategy should drive your business; a high performance culture enables the people in it to do what needs to be done. We offer insightful guidance and creative solutions help you bring about needed change.

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