… The value of models for leaders.


According to experts in the martial arts, the fastest way to react is to maintain “the empty mind.” The empty mind does not expect or predict, it quietly observes and reacts correctly when necessary.

I have been working fairly diligently at becoming better with pistol and rifle (relax, I punch holes in targets —not Bambi). In particular, I’m working on drawing a pistol and engaging multiple targets quickly. I have been pondering deeply (or as deeply as I ever ponder anything) about the “empty mind” aspect of this, and what it has to do with leading.

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…Momentum bolsters progress, for leaders and drummers

The prescription is simple, and it works just as well for developing leaders as it does for drummers: enhance or amp up your perception of progress. Progress is there, just harder to see. Read more for tips on how to see it, sustaining the momentum for your personal change effort.

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…8 questions to test your 360 or multi-rater feedback process

Recently an article titled, “The #1 Barrier to Leadership – Not Listening”, caught my eye. Not much wrong in the article, except that title. It’s true; many leaders I work with should improve their listening. They interrupt, hear what they want to hear, and make assumptions that interfere with their understanding of what others share with them.  But there is another, more common, barrier that gets in the way before listening even becomes an issue. Most leaders just don’t have reliable feedback channels, the means to get consistent, comprehensive information to appreciate their impact on the people and business around them.

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