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… The value of models for leaders.


According to experts in the martial arts, the fastest way to react is to maintain “the empty mind.” The empty mind does not expect or predict, it quietly observes and reacts correctly when necessary.

I have been working fairly diligently at becoming better with pistol and rifle (relax, I punch holes in targets —not Bambi). In particular, I’m working on drawing a pistol and engaging multiple targets quickly. I have been pondering deeply (or as deeply as I ever ponder anything) about the “empty mind” aspect of this, and what it has to do with leading.

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…7 ways to ready yourself for leading

Before you read this article, you may want to take a look at the related case: A Question of Commitment – Introduction.

We have all watched leaders do stupid things, things they truly regret after a chance to sit back, relax and reflect. Perhaps you have been just that leader. I know I have.

A key message we share with every leader we coach or train is this: “learn, then lead”. When we think of leadership, we think of leaders in action, up front, sharing a vision, inspiring, and moving things forward. But before stepping up to a leadership challenge, great leaders take time to carefully observe what’s happening, seek to understand it as best they can, clarify what they really want, and prepare for success. Before acting as “leader”, they ready themselves as a “learner”.

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