…People, especially leaders, need feedback

Let us build a custom 360 for you…

You shoud focus on developing individuals and your organization – not technology. We know how to get great feedback, do it with easy to use on-line tools, then help those receiving it grow from what they find out about themselves and how others see them.
Our 360 solutions are…

  • Custom – use your own assessment framework.
  • Convenient – easy to use interface and reports.
  • Confidential – assured anonymity and data security.
  • Cost-effective – your way for less than other options.

Our expertise and tools really help with the middle of a survey project, the part where you need someone to design the feedback tools, administer the data collection, prepare reports to share the data, and clarify priorities for action based on the feedback.

The beginning and the end of the project however are primarily in your court.

To quote Stephen Covey, “begin with the end in mind” by clarifying what you intend to accomplish with the feedback. And, something we have learned from being in this business for a long time: the only thing worse than not asking people what they think, is not doing anything with what they tell you.

Tell us about your project, and we’ll get back to you quickly  with a proposal for your investment. You will be surprised with how cost-effective and competitive we can be.

Our clients have needs just like yours…

Focused Leadership Development

An information technology company completed 360 assessments on more than 400 executives, managers and supervisors participating in a leadership development program. Participants used the assessment to clarify for themselves the impact they were having on others, then develop a plan to improve their “presence” on the job.

Annual Performance Cycle

150+ managers in a public utility company solicit feedback from peers and staff as part of building their annual development plan. The executive team then, supported by HR, used the cleective data to identify general training needs and other organizational issues.

Targetted Training

An educational institution uses 360 assessments as a critical part of their public and custom workshops, and has done so for nearly 10 years. Workshop facilitators and participants use the feedback provided to determine the focus of the training effort.

CEO Improvement

A cooperative financial institution collects feedback for their CEO annually, soliciting the observations of Board members, staff and key external stakeholders.

Need more information…

Click here to see examples of the work Corporate Compass has done, and demonstrations of how our system works.


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