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A few examples of the great work we do at Corporate Compass…

Stakeholder Surveys

Engagement Survey

You can use our questions, or customize a pre-existing survey to suit your needs. We handle data collection and regularly deliver response rates over 90%. Reporting can be done to the level in the organization where action should be taken.

Click here to check out a sample survey.

Client Contact

One of our associates, Bigger Picture Solutions, publishes a regular, educational newsletter for clients. They ask provocative questions, report back their findings, then offer unique solutions to help executives develop more effective strategic plans.

Click here to see an example.

360 Assessment

Leadership 360

Paths to Leadership is our own 360 assessment for leaders and those aspiring to a leadership role. Clients have used this assessment to guide the development of emergent leaders in training, and as preparation for a coaching intervention. Some have customized this template to better reflect the expectations of leaders in their organization.

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CEO Assessment

Many organizations collect data from Board members, and sometimes staff, to assess the performance of their Chief Executive Officer.

Click here to see the questions asked by one long-time client.

Discus Behavioural Profiles

Discus provides some of the most extensive, insightful and comprehensive reporting available from any behavioural assessment. Take a look at these samples of the various reports available.

  • Individual Report – provides a full DISC work style analysis, along with optional plain language sections that extend the analysis to critical workplace applications.
  • Feedback Report – a simplified DISC analysis suitable for individuals looking for personal development suggestions or career advice.
  • Team Profile – combines the work style profiles of team memebrs to highlight main dynamics within the team, the roles of different members, and potential leadership issues.
  • Relationship Report – examines the dynamics of an individual’s relationship with another individual, looking at the relationship from both points of view, showing how each individual will work with the other.

System Features

Here are examples some of the many features of our system. Use these features to keep respondents engaged and responding fully.

  • Your Branding – Customize the survey so your respondents know exactly who is asking for their information and opinions.
  • 40+ Question Types – Use what works: radio buttons, dropdowns, grids, sliders, card sorts, Net Promoter Score, heat maps, etc.
  • Multiple Languages – You can choose from 70+ languages to suit respondents.
  • Branching and Skip Logic – Show respondents only what they need to see.
  • Response Piping – Use early responses to customize subsequent questions.
  • Top Level Security – Your data is fully protected.


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