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Discus profiles are a powerful tool to help individuals understand themselves and others. Our approach utilizes DISC methodology, probably the most widely used behavioural assessment method in the world. At its heart are four vital behavioural elements…

  • Dominance – forcefulness or determination.
  • Influence – communication and sociability.
  • Steadiness – patience and reliability.
  • Compliance – structure and organization.

These elements interact in a myriad of ways, then are expressed as the preferences, habits and patterns of behaviour that form a work style.

The simple profiling process begins with completion of a 10 minute, on-line questionnaire. Our expert system then compiles a detailed report of the the driving forces behind a respondent’s behaviour. Customizable sections of the report look in detail at motivations, communication style, decision-making, response to pressure, teamwork and more.

Use Discus for your business and you will appreciate more than the quality information and insight your people receive from their personal profile. Our system lets you customize reports to suit your specific needs. You pay only for the profiles you use, and can have us prepare them for you, or do it yourself for further cost saving. And finally, no system like this offers extra features like relationship and team reports, all at no extra cost.

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Leader/Follower Development

Use of Discus Profiles in our leadership and followership workshops helps participants identify strengths and weaknesses in their workstyle. Awareness of habits or preferences that help and hinder them in their role allows participants to better focus their development efforts.

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Team Building

We use Discus Team Profiles in our team building projects to facilitate deeper, more impactful discussions amongst team members regarding their individual roles and interactions, or the leadership needed by the team. The reports challenge team members to look at the team and themselves differently.

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Relationship Building/Conflict Resolution

A Discus Relationship Assessment combines DISC profiles from two individuals to expertly explore the ways they interact with each other. In our coaching or team building projects, these assessments help participants clarify the dynamics at play in their relationship, then develop guidelines for working better together.

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Get Your Own Discus Profile!

Complete a 10 minute questionnaire and we’ll send you a personalized Discus Profile report…Discus-Enhanced_Page_01-small

  • Style Summary
  • Traits
  • Tension Analysis
  • Style Advantages and Disadvantages
  • Sections on Communication, Decision-making, and more.

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