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You focus on your business information needs, while we take care of the technical and service details.

  • Our technology puts a custom survey on-line for you fast, and just as you want it.
  • Our service staff ensure you get the best possible data from survey respondents.
  • Our systems put survey data back in the hands of decision-makers quickly and clearly.
  • We are experienced change consultants and coaches, helping leaders use survey data to develop their organizations for 30+ years.

You might ask, “What about self-help services available on-line?” While they seem attractive, our clients find the need to learn the technology, involve their busy staff in work they are not trained to do, and confidentiality concerns add hiddden costs that make these services impractical for all but the smallest projects.

You should to be in control of the survey process. We make the best technology available work for you. Get the survey information you want, when you need it, and for a very reasonable investment.

Our clients have needs just like yours…

Enhancing Employee Engagement

A major oil & gas company surveyed 1800+ employees and contractors regarding their working conditions. We collected data with a nearly 90% response rate, then delivered feedback reports to front-line managers and supervisors to facilitate local action taking.

Gathering Community Input

A major educational institution sought the opinions of stakeholders to a significant infrastructure project. Working with an associate, we gathered the needed input quickly and easily, while maintaining the strictest confidentiality throughout the process.

Tracking Client Trends

An organization representing financial advisors surveys its members across the country on a monthly basis to determine market trends and issues. We embedded survey access in their web site, and provide data suited for the technical analysis they need to do.

Assessing Corporate Boards

The board of a large cooperative regularly asks board members for feedback regarding board operations and the performance of their peers. We help them keep the process confidential and constructive as they improve themselves and the organization.

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