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You can’t make someone a leader by promoting them. Training that provides only simple recipes for leading won’t create the mindset or habits of an effective leader. Talent only matters to a leader if it is used well.

We work with individuals preparing for a first formal leadership role, up to senior executives honing their skills. Each must find their own path to leadership, then follow it daily. We help aspiring leaders appreciate the impact they can have, then challenge them to step up to a higher level, with…

  • Powerful assessments and profiles to pinpoint issues in their work style, or the ways that their leadership is seen by others.
  • Engaging workshops that provoke a different thinking about leadership, and layout clear paths to higher effectiveness.
  • Training follow-up that keeps participants on track to fully install helpful leadership habits.
  • Personal coaching with just the structure and support each developing leader needs to get on track, then stay there.

Our proven framework for leader development allows us to deliver meaningful change on a timely basis. We also recognize we must tailor our approach to the needs of your business and individual leaders. Let us show you how we do it.

We’re helping clients with needs just like yours…

Aligning the Leadership Effort: Executive Development

A high-tech company delivering large-scale projects from two distant offices was concerned that the practices of senior leaders may not be aligned with the company’s strategy, consistent from leadser to leader, or uniformly effective. Through a series off-site retreats we facilitated, leaders from diverse teams honed their leader skills while working together on business improvement projects. Each participant also benefited from personal coaching to address their own unique challenges.

Emergent Leader Development: Training

A major oil & gas company offers workshops to introduce leadership concepts and practices to individual contributors advancing through a progression series. Our custom designed workshops encourage participants to find leadership opportunities in their current roles, while preparing those who are ambitious for future promotion to formal leadership roles.

Assessing Leader Impact: 360 Assessment

We helped a large utility company turn their expectations of leaders into a 360 or multi-rater assessment to be completed yearly on each leader in the company. Feedback was collected from each leader’s boss, colleagues and staff, summarized in a detailed report, then delivered for review by the leader and their personal coach. Each leader came away with a personal development plan targeting issues identified by those who saw and were impacted by their leadership every day.

Remote Leaders: Coaching

Due to location or time constraints, every individual who could benefit from leadership development may not be able to attend workshops or experience coaching in a face to face meeting. We have had great success working remotely with these individuals, via phone or web conference, assessing their needs, preparing an action plan, then supporting their effforts as they apply new concepts and practices on the job. This cost-effective approach gets the right help to developing leaders, just as they need it.

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