…We’re not in the factory any more – leaders need followers!

We help followers step up!

Compared to leadership, little is written about how to follow. The role is simple, right? Just do what you are told. Powerful socialization throughout a lifetime tells us: leaders demand, followers defer; leaders on top, followers below; leaders driven, followers unmotivated.

In the modern workplace, front-line people can make a real difference. Great followers work with leaders, creating real value together in a complex, dynamic businesses. We call these key performers Pivot Points. They make things happen in ways and places that their leaders cannot or should not go.

We prepare followers to change their approach to their work and leaders with…

  • Assessments that highlight critical issues.
  • Engaging workshops that challenge participants’ thinking and offer new work practices in a supportive learning environment.
  • Personal coaching to support their change efforts in work environments where their leaders, other followers, and their own habits may resist their efforts.

Get the most from your investment in leadership development by developing the other, necessary half of the leader-follower relationship. We’ll work with you to customize a comprehensive approach that serves the unique needs of your business and staff. Ask us how.

We’re helping clients with needs just like yours…

Supporting Employee Progression: Training

A major oil & gas company in the midst of significant expansion needs employees to develop fundamental competencies quickly and consistently. We worked with them to develop skill-building workshops all staff attend as they progress through the early years of their career.

Changing Workplace Cultures: Training/Coaching

A multi-national business wanted to develop a more consistent workplace culture wherever their operations took them. We delivered a custom workshop for their staff in Canada, the US, Europe, South America and Asia, emphasizing responsibility and connecting participants with their senior leaders.

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