… Comprehensive organization development consulting.

Strategic Pathing

… Facilitating the thinking that puts you on track.

To sustain success, people at every level of an organization have to think strategically. Important threats and opportunities, significant strengths and weaknesses – no one person or group can see it all. Everyone must keep their head up, sharing a clear path to your goals and through the obstacles ahead. A strategic “path” is more than a plan: it’s a direction, a vision, and a guide. Strategic thinking is broad, deep, long range. You need to get it right.

We help leaders and followers build the skill and will to think, strategically…

  • Identify key stakeholders and the value offered them.
  • Explore stakeholder interests now, and assess future opportunities, competition, or other challenges.
  • Identify internal strengths and weaknesses, then design initiatives to maximize team capacity and impact.
  • Foresee and prevent unintended consequences.
  • Lead to inspire enthusiasm for progress and empower others to follow.
  • Plan conversations that keep all together and in touch on the journey.

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Change Leadership

… Preparing leaders to inspire change.

Poor implementation beats a great solution 100% of the time. Change efforts fail when those implementing change have not identified their key stakeholders, don’t understand what keeps these stakeholders awake at night, or respond poorly to the natural resistance that change provokes amongst these stakeholders. Support for change declines; any change achieved won’t deliver the value expected.

We work with leaders of change to…

  • Map the stakeholders to the change.
  • Use interviews and surveys to uncover stakeholder interests.
  • Map key processes to forestall unintended conflicts or consequences.
  • Anticipate and understand the reasons behind resistance to change.
  • Engage, empower and coach those who will bring about the change.
  • Design a communication plan and appropriate conversations for each stage of the change process.

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Collaborative Culture

… Developing an “all win” workplace.

We can’t get it all done, alone, anymore. Not if “it” is achieving challenging goals, using complex processes and technology, requiring multiple skill sets and diverse knowledge. We need to collaborate, fostering a culture of trust, respect, and mutual success, where people cooperate, in sync. Ignoring this can mean painful ineffectiveness. Collaborative cultures also sustain higher levels of job satisfaction and psychologically healthier workplaces.

We work with leaders to…

  • Translate the concept of “all-win” to their organization, making mutual success a core value.
  • Educate leaders and teams in the principles and practices of creative collaboration.
  • Identify real examples of strengths or weakness in problem solving, conflict resolution, decision making, and other processes.
  • Learn alternative approaches to create agreements.
  • Bring management together with unions, staff associations or professional bodies to create and sustain collaborative “working relationship agreements”.
  • Provide coaching in creative collaboration.

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Team Building

… Helping team members build their team for success.

Great teams don’t happen by accident. Poor teams do. To achieve big results, you need capable people, working together, taking responsibility for their own actions and their team’s success. And you already know that getting together for an evening out, or an afternoon of golf, just isn’t going to do that – lots of fun but no sustained change.

We help your team build itself with…

  • Assessments to uncover issues with stakeholders or team infrastructure.
  • Work style profiles that highlight strengths and weaknesses in team interaction.
  • Interventions to resolve conflicts and strengthen relationships amongst team members.
  • Facilitation of constructive conversation and creative solution finding.
  • Practices to keep the team on track, coordinating effectively, using their time together well, and learning along the way.
  • Coaching for team leaders to enhance their presence in, and impact on, the team.

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