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Don Beeken


A seasoned consultant and registered Psychologist. Expect academically sound counsel, well-grounded in practical experience, delivered in a respectful, caring style.

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Randy Parkin


A dynamic trainer and coach who connects with the front-line. Expect practical, direct, insightful guidance as a leadership coach and trainer, or working on team development.

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Robert Craddock


A trained social worker with senior level management experience. Expect insightful guidance for large scale organizational change, or training and coaching leaders.

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Like-Minded Associates

You can tell a lot about people by looking at the people around them. We associate with the best, including…

External Consultant? Become an Associate…

We do what you do. We know the challenge of meeting client expectations while running your own business. You should stay focused on the things that you do best, but..

  • Your clients need quality leadership training, surveys or assessments;
  • You don’t have money or expertise to buy or build your own stuff;
  • You can’t afford the time to develop or administer your own tools;
  • You prefer to maintain your own identity with your clients; and,
  • The investment must be reasonable, for yourself and your clients.

Contact Us to find out how we can suppport you with custom tools, materials and workshops, including all the features we offer our direct clients, and your branding. We do it for others, and can for you.