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Partner, Key Consulting Group Inc.
Manager, Corporate Compass

Email: randy@keyinc.com
Office: 403.256.6869
Cell: 403.607.6869

For 30+ years, I have consulted to private, public and not-for-profit organizations. What I do best is train and coach developing leaders, particularly front line leaders, or consult to others who share my passion for this work. We are in the midst of a significant shift in the role of leaders and their relationship with followers. I enjoy the challenge of helping leaders and followers re-define themselves and the organizations in which they work.

Clients (mostly) appreciate my practical approach, progressive ideas, classroom delivery skills, humour and dedication to their success. You can count on me to tell you exactly what I think, and do what I say I will do. When not working with clients, I design training processes, write, or work with my partners to keep our business as successful as it has been for 25 years. I also manage our subsidiary, Corporate Compass, implementing 360 assessments and stakeholder surveys.

I earned a B.A. in Political Science (University of Guelph), then supplemented that invaluable formal education with even more invaluable real-life experience as a working stiff (toiling in factories and a gold mine can really change a guy), HR professional and manager before heeding the call to consult.

I live in Calgary with my lovely wife, Kim, and too many of our 5 children. If I’m not working or with family, I prefer to be flying my paraglider as high and far as possible (see above), or sharing a beer with my pilot friends, exaggerating our exploits and planning future adventures.

30+ Years Experience

Insight and advice based on…

  • Having done ‘real’ work myself.
  • Roles as a manager and leader.
  • Coaching leaders at all levels.
  • Consulting and facilitating workshops  in many industries.
  • Work assignments across Canada and in US, UK, Malaysia, Australia and Peru.

Practical Approach

Count on me to…

  • Get to know you.
  • Challenge your thinking.
  • Offer direct, honest feedback.
  • Offer practical suggestions.
  • Hold you to your commitments.
  • Care about your results.

Passion for Leadership

The focus of my career, including…

  • Founding partner in Key.
  • Building Corporate Compass.
  • Designing our core training.
  • Creating models and tools.
  • Original Covey Master Trainer.


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