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Here are just a few of the many articles and papers we have written. We hope you find them useful. They are provided for your personal use. If you’d like to make copies or distribute them in any other format, please contact us for help and permission. Click on the title you want…

100/0 Responsibility – At its core, leadership is about responsibility. Leaders step up and speak out where others hesitate. And, the best leaders are careful to learn, then lead.

Confront Issues Responsibly – Misunderstandings and conflict are inevitable when good people work together. Rather than complain or blame others, leaders have constructive conversations, owning their part then helping others choose change.

Common Coaching Conversations – Coaching is a key role for leaders, devloping the capability of others, and focusing their efforts on the work that matters. Coaching happens in conversation.

Is Your Group Really a Team? – Sharing a work space or a “boss” doesn’t make a group a team. Team develops as a group tackles the conversations that create four necessary conditions. Leaders should be catalysts for those conversations.


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